FOR THE BBQ Noon Lunch (Most are $5 or less)

Cheap alternatives, make it yourself:
-Potato Salad
-Cole Slaw
-Mashed potatoes & White gravy
-Jiffy Corn Bread
-HEB Mac & Cheese

Easy Drive-thru or Pick-up:
-Hartz Chicken – 1 dozen yeast rolls    (281) 376-1840
-Wing Stop‘s Seasoned fries                       (281) 288-7867
-Little Caesar’s Crazy bread & Sauce    (281) 257-0500

Pick something up @ HEB Grocery Store:
-Two 16oz Bush’s baked beans (Please arrive @ 11:30AM)
-Garlic Bread (Please arrive @ 11:30AM)
-Salad Greens with Ranch Dressing
-Claussen Sliced pickles (Refrigerated section next to the cheeses)
-Vegetables (Carrots, Broccoli, Avocado, Celery, Cucumbers)
-HEB Potato Salad
-HEB Coleslaw
-King’s Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls
-8 pack of Sesame buns

One month before the BBQ, I will be assigning sides to bring. Just so we don’t have duplicates. Variety! Assignments will be listed on this page below:

25th Year Reunion

Food Recipes