What’s for Dinner Friday @ 6:00pm FAMILY PICNIC 2019


Kids welcomed!


**All food is on a first come first served basis. I will have a little of everything. Quantities limited.  We should not run out of food though! We aim to please. Remember, variety is the spice of life! Try a little of several different dishes. Dinner will be served around 6:30-7:00pm. We will have the SCF clubhouse rented Friday and Saturday, so we can mingle past midnight. Tips welcomed & appreciated, 25% of the money raised goes towards Beyond Batten Foundation.

    • Meats

      Things that walk and fly...

    • Pork Baby Back Ribs

      Smoked 5 hours. Rubbed with Tex-Joy and basted with Stubb's BBQ Sauce. Fall off the bone! Just like the last 2014 Family BBQ. 8 full size racks. Click here for recipe.

    • Authentic Boudin

      Made from scratch fresh ingredients. Zach's Spice Used.

      Just like Louisiana Creole Food!

    • Pulled Pork & Beer Can Chicken

      Slow smoked! Pull apart Pork Shoulder and a chicken steamed from the inside out.

    • Sausage

      Freshly made Pork Sausage

      Garlic and Jalapeno Cheese

    • Fried Whole Turkey

      Injected with "Garlic Butter Creole" Marinade (24 hours in fridge)

      Fried with Peanut Oil

      Topped with butter and Tony Chachere's

    • BBQ Beef Brisket

      PREMIUM USDA Select

      Smoked 10 hours with Oak, Pecan and a little Mesquite.

    • Appetizers

    • Rib-eye Shish Kebabs

      Only the best cut of meat for the Class of '94 marinated with Stubb's Steakhouse marinade. With mushrooms, red bell pepper, Poblano pepper, and red onion.

    • Seafood Shish-Kebabs

      Gulf shrimp, Sea Scallops and Lobster Tail with pineapple.

    • Stuffed Jalapenos

      Stuffed with steak fajita meat, pico de gallo, cheese and topped with bacon wrap. I will grill 40 of them.

    • Soup

    • 7 Chile Chili

      All fresh ingredients. Simmered for 4 hours. Top it off with freshly grated cheese, crackers and diced onion.

    • Seafood / Sausage Creole GUMBO

      24 quarts (~$100 in Fresh Seafood)

      Fresh Roux, Organic Veggies & 4-hour simmer.

      1 LB of fresh grilled Alligator (Marinated for 12 hours)

      Served with Steamed White Rice.


    • Seafood

      Things that swim...

    • Wild Caught Salmon

      Fresh Sockeye. Topped with Honey, lemon, butter, garlic sauce.

      Grilled on a cedar plank.

BBQ SAUCE PROVIDED: Stubb’s Original, Rudy’s Sause and Sweet Baby Rays.

DESSERTS Compliments of Rachel Courtney Brewer’s BSweet Bakery. Pecan Pies and Home-made Brownies. 🙂

**Please bring a side to share (Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Bag of salad greens with dressing, Bush’s baked beans, Mac & Cheese, Dozen Hartz Yeast Rolls, Wing Stop‘s Seasoned fries, garlic bread, corn bread, Claussen pickles  or anything else.) I will need 2 people to bring an 8-pack of sesame seed buns. Also, bring your favorite drinks. We will have Ozarka. Thanks!

Sponsored by J. Scott Weatherly, Bryan and Duane Banek, Rachel Courtney Brewer.  (www.WeatherGuardTX.com) Please like us! Special Thanks to Beckye Manzel, Jessica Henderson, Alexis Thunell, Ariana Atler-Derr and Bryan Bean! If there are extras, we will have to-go Containers. Anything left after that will go to Klein Fire Dept. Station 31.

If you play your cards right, Friday night could be FREE BBQ. Then for Saturday,  $3 breakfast @ SCF Clubhouse. Then Saturday night will be Mexican Food.  🙂

That’s three meals that come with ticket purchase for 2019. And more face time with old friends!

MAP of Spring Creek Forest: map-of-Spring-Creek-Forest

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THE LOCATION: ( Spring Creek Forest Clubhouse, 17512 Fairway Oaks)

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